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stain guard & stain removal


We at Carpeststery are the best stain-removal service in Limassol Cyprus. We use modern equipment and hi-tech solutions to deal with your stains. We are the masters of stain removal in the whole of Limassol, Cyprus.


Our stain removal teams are highly trained and professional and know howto deal with even with the most stubborn stains. We can clean stains literally from anywhere and everywhere, be it on your carpet, your sofa, mattress or whether your car seats are stained, we are there to your rescue from stains. Stains are part and parcel of our life and hence we need to get our house and surfaces stain-free for a spotlessly clean home.


Now, no more coverage of your sofas with towels to cover stains, no more hiding of your carpet stain by keeping a coffee table on top of it. We are here to give you a stain-free lifestyle. We all know how embarrassing it looks when guests visit our house and they are greeted with stubborn stains on carpets or sofa or floor. It is high time we find a permanent solution and say goodbye to all those resilient stains forever with Carpetstery's stain removal service.


We only use high-quality stain removal solutions which are formulated in such a way that they clean the stain without damaging or discoloring the fabric. Our staff are equally trained to use high-quality products to clean the stains carefullybut stringently. Our team are well trained in all the modern techniques of stain removal.

We use the most advanced equipment to get rid of the toughest stains. We can clean all types of stubborn stains ranging from coffee stains, to wine stains, to other liquid or food or pet stains, etc. We can also clean stains from your leather sofa or your car seats.


We not only clean your stains we also spray our special wax solvent which not just protects your surfaces from further stains but also increases the life of the product and protects against wear and tear. This is very important for leather upholstery.


So, after we have cleaned your carpets, rugs, upholstery or mattresses you can go ahead and host as many parties as you wish at your home without worrying about stains, because we at Carpetstery are determined to give you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with stains.

So don’t worry if your children rubbed the crayons on your sofa, or your friend spilled the coffee or wine on the carpet, all you need to do is, give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

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