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5 Deep Cleaning process that you need Follow

Our Carpet Cleaning Service
The most frequently asked question of Carpetstery Cleaning Services is "how often should I have my carpets cleaned?"
It is common sense to take care of your carpets and make them last for as long as possible, CCS, therefore, recommends the carpets in your home are professionally cleaned every year, using our 5-step-deep clean processes.

The CCS 5 Step Deep Clean Process is as below


• Commercial Hoover for dry soil removal
• Carry out the colour fast test
• Pre-spray carpet with Stain Remover to remove any Stains
• Carry out deep clean and extraction process
• Apply stain guard treatment (optional additional cost)
Below are some reasons
Your carpet is a large investment within your home. It’s not only the financial investment. Carpets cover the entire floor, for this reason, sometimes directly, but most often indirectly, it affects the look of a room and even how you feel about your home.
After the carpets are cleaned, they may look visibly relieved and happier. It is also important to consider what is involved in replacing the carpets if they are neglected and worn out prematurely. Besides the financial cost, it’s a lot of work and stress to empty out rooms.

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